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Authors of CUTEr
CUTEr has been superceded by CUTEst and is no longer supported. Please proceed to the new web site. The following pages are simply provided as a historical record. New:  An updated version of CUTEr is now available featuring simplified tools and a new Matlab interface with dynamic allocation. This version of CUTEr supersedes the old version; the old version is no longer supported but may still be downloaded if required.

CUTEr is available for the following popular platforms:
Compaq (DEC) Alpha, Cray, HP, IBM RS/6000, Apple and Intel-like PCs, SGI and SUN.
It is designed to be easily adapted to other platforms.

Support is provided for the following operating systems:
Apple OSX, Digital UNIX, Tru-64 UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX and Solaris.

Double and single precision is available, in predefined small, medium or large size. Size may also be customized to best suit your architecture and needs.

CUTEr is distributed under the following license and is as free as can be. You are supposed to have read and agreed with the license terms before downloading the software.
Retrieving the files
Download : CUTEr may be downloaded from the development website.

Requirements : CUTEr vitally relies on the SIF decoder SifDec to properly decode SIF files and generate the necessary Fortan 77 subroutines that are used by other packages. SifDec may be downloaded from the CUTEr development website.
CUTEr evolved from the older CUTE package. Please note however that individual CUTE and CUTEr files are different; one cannot be substituted for the other!

Although the CUTE testing environment is still available for download, we wish to stress the fact that it will be no longer maintained and that for the most recent features and updates, we encourage users to switch to CUTEr.

Last Update: February 12, 2012