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Among the CUTEr test problems are the CUTE test problems. These problems span a wide spectrum of difficulty, ranging from small-scale differentiable unconstrained minimization to large-scale equality and inequality-constrained dense and sparse problems, systems of nonlinear equations, network problems etc.

Since the SIF is a superset of the MPS modeling language, access to suites of linear programming problems, such as the Netlib LP problems is possible.

Among other things, the set covers the Argonne Test Set, the Hock and Schittkowski collection, the Dembo network problems, the Gould QPs, etc.

The CUTEr test set is available online. A list of newly-added problems is also available.

The extension of the SIF to more naturally support quadratic terms in the involved functions resulted in our including the Maros and Meszaros convex quadratic programming problems set in the main CUTEr set [updated].

The default size of the CUTEr problems have been raised in an attempt to reflect the increasing size of modern problems. The problems are now parameterized and no longer need manual intervention. The SIF decoder now supports a command-line option allowing to change parameters, such as the problem size, in a SIF file.

Last Update: March 5, 2002