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SifDec is a decoder. It tranlates test problems, written in so-called Standard Input Format (SIF), into well-defined Fortran 77 and data files. Once translated, these files may be manipulated to provide tools suitable for testing optimization packages.

The SIF is a superset of the MPS modelling language. SifDec can therefore decode any Linear Program coded in MPS format.

SifDec used to be part of, and has been extensively used with, the CUTE testing environment and is now a vital component of the CUTEr testing environment, which includes ready-to-use interfaces to existing packages, such as MINOS, SNOPT, filterSQP, KNITRO, but could also serve different purposes.

Novel features include the ability to decode parameterized test problems, and to prepare the decoded problem for packages using automatic differentiation techniques.

SifDec is now distributed as a separate package for both convenience reasons and to encourage consistent use in conjunction with other software and packages.

SifDec is available on a variety of UNIX platforms, including Linux and is designed to be accessible and easily manageable on heterogeneous networks.

New:  An updated version of SifDec is now available featuring simplified tools. This version of SifDec supersedes the current version. Users are advised to head to the development website and migrate to the new tools.

New:  CUTEr and SifDec are now available on MAC OS-X platforms.

Except for DOS and VAX/VMS, SifDec is 100% backward-compatible with earlier versions of CUTE.

Last Update: March 5, 2002