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New:  An updated version of SifDec is now available featuring simplified tools. This version of SifDec supersedes the current version; the old version is no longer supported. Users are advised to head to the development website and migrate to the new tools.

Users who still want to use the classic SifDec can download it below.

SifDec is available for the following popular platforms:
Compaq (DEC) Alpha, Cray, HP, IBM RS/6000, Intel-like PCs, SGI and SUN.
It is designed to be easily adapted to other platforms.

Support is provided for the following operating systems:
Digital UNIX, Tru-64 UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX and Solaris.

Double and single precision is available, in predefined small, medium or large size. Size may also be customized to best suit your architecture and needs.

SifDec comes as a gzipped tarfile and is adapted to heterogeneous networks as well as to personal, single-user, computers. Complete documentation is included in the form of a pdf document, ascii readme files and man pages.

The SIF decoder SifDec is conveniently used with CUTEr to solve the decoded SIF files using interfaces to existing optimization packages.

SifDec is distributed under the following license and is as free as can be. You are supposed to have read and agreed with the license terms before downloading the software.
Retrieving the files
Requirements : All you need to install and use SifDec is a C preprocessor, basic Unix tools, such as sed and awk and a Fortran 77 compiler.

Note : If you do not have a cpp installed, but do have a C compiler, the following file may act as a replacement. Edit it as you see fit.
The most recent version of SifDec is v2.0 revision 0.

It may be downloaded via anonymous ftp from ftp.numerical.rl.ac.uk ( in the directory pub/sifdec. The relevant file is sifdec.tar.gz. Please read the README file in that directory for further information. Updated files may be found in the pub/sifdec/updates directory.
Please note however that the source files of the SIF decoder found in CUTE and SifDec files are different; one cannot be substituted for the other!

The SIF decoder included in the CUTE environment is no longer maintained and for the most recent features and updates, we encourage users to switch to SifDec.

Last Update: March 5, 2002