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[April 9, 2002].
Fixed snpma.f which caused SNOPT to unduly report an infeasible problem and abort in some cases.
[May 14, 2002].
Fixed imakefile.mycuterpreclib which caused the library libcuter.a not to be rebuilt when tools.siz was altered.
[June 6, 2002].
Fixed csetup.f which did not initialize the statistics counters in some cases, causing erroneous statistics to be reported. Fixed ccfg.f which checked for appropriate dimensions of array CJAC even when using a dummy array and setting grad=.FALSE.
[May 28, 2003].
Fixed ipoptma.f and la04ma.f to comply to the Fortran standard. Fixed the prototype of udimen() in cuter.h, thanks to Liz Dolan.
[May 29, 2004].
Fixed a Fortran 77 compatibility error in NITSOL interface.
[September 16, 2004].
Fixed a conformance bug with the Rutherford-Boeing format in HRB interface.

The most recent is v1.0 revision 3.

Individual updated files may be retrieved from ftp.numerical.rl.ac.uk/pub/cuter/updates


Last Update: April 9, 2002